Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natural Deodorant

I have been on a quest to remove personal care and beauty products that contain harmful chemicals from my routine. I've been doing a little research and have found that most beauty products contain fragrances and chemicals that can cause cancer and that are endocrine disruptors. Now- it seems like EVERYTHING causes cancer now-a-days. I don't want cancer, but I also don't want to stay locked up in a bubble.

The thing that got me as I was reading about this stuff, was that beauty products contain a lot of chemicals that can disrupt the balance and function of your endocrine system. For me, this is a big issue. My endocrine system is already incredibly disrupted. I have several endocrine disorders. They made it difficult for me to produce my adorable, perfect, chubbsters baby. As in 5 years difficult. I really DON'T need my endocrine system disrupted further.

So in the quest of mine, I have a couple of requirements from the products I switch to:

1. I don't want to smell like the health food store.
2. It has to be reasonably priced.
3. I don't want to smell like the health food store.
4. It's got to work effectively.
5. I don't want to put dirt on my face and call it makeup. 
6. I don't want to smell like the health food store.

Amazingly, there are a lot of products that fit these requirements! But I want to tell you about one of them.

This is a toothpaste. But I don't use it as a toothpaste. It has become my official deodorant.... Hear me out....

Most deodorants, if you look at the warning label (you may need to open the little label accordion folder thing on the back) you will find two warnings. One says to not use on broken skin. What that means is that you can't put it on after shaving. When you shave, it breaks the skin open. Ladies, I don't know about you, but I'd like to be able to wear deodorant on days that I shave.

The second thing the label may say is that you should not use if you have kidney disease. I've never met anyone whose kidneys were by their armpits. The chemicals in deodorant travel to your kidneys through your blood stream. So that means that the nasty aluminum (some deodorants contain 60% aluminum!) is getting into your bloodstream and may be disrupting your endocrine system- or worse.    

So I switched to a natural deodorant. Its performance stunk. And so did I. I tried another one. Same verdict. I was about ready to bag it and go back regular deodorant- I mean, cummon- beauty must come first! But then I heard about this stuff. The recommendation came from Nature's Knockout  who got it from a man who uses heavy machinery and sweats buckets. Thieves Dentarome Plus is a completely natural toothpaste which has the consistency of lotion. It's not gummy or sticky like Crest is. It dries quickly and smells like cinnamon. I'm game for trying weird stuff.

Love it! It lasts all day. It completely keeps me dry and I don't smell. (Can I get a woot, woot for not being stinky!?) I'm not one who sweats much, but from what I hear and from others who have tried it, it really works for even the most abundant perspirer. And the husband agrees too! He and I are both converted.

I can't help but feel pretty clever using it.

I thought I'd pass it on.

On a side note, Nature's Knockout is a really fun site to check out. Fun hair and make up tutorials using all natural products, as well as information on beauty products and their safety.

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