Thursday, May 17, 2012


Cherry Pie
Sometimes it's a Larabar day. You just need to indulge. And when this goodness-in-a-wrapper contain under 9 pronounceable ingredients, I feel pretty good about doing just that. Take Cherry Pie, for example. Its ingredient list is short- dates, almonds, and cherries. That's all. No sweetener. And that means no sweetener added to the fruit either. Made from whole food. And there are 20 different flavors which are all gluten, dairy, and soy free. I also like that each bar contains a lot of protein and fiber. It evens out the sugar that is naturally found in the dried fruit, balancing out your blood sugar instead of  it spiking.

Am I being asked to write this review? (Are you kidding!? This blog is 2 posts old!) Yeah, that would be a no. I just love me some Larabar!

Want to make a variation of your own? Check out Amy Layne's post full of recipes!

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